Northern Bahamas

- 2017 Expedition -

October 21 - 27, 2017
( Tiger Shark Expedition )
- 7 of 12 Spots -
( 7 day trip / 5 day diving )

- 2018 Expedition -

October 20 - 26, 2018
( Tiger Shark Expedition )
- 12 Spots -
( 7 day trip / 5 day diving )

"Tiger Beach IS the world's greatest shark dive."

Join SDM Editor Eli Martinez for the ultimate Tiger Shark Experience at the legendary Tiger Beach dive site.

Open water diving with big sharks is not for everyone. But for those of you who would love to dive with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks, and possibly bull sharks or great hammerheads, then this is the trip for you.

This is a shark diving trip so we spend all our time at the Tiger Beach dive sites. These are organized shark dives and we use chum and bait to attract the sharks in. This dive site attracts several different species of sharks. Lemon sharks, reef sharks and nurse sharks are the resident sharks and always the first to show up. As time progresses and our chum slick spreads, the stars of Tiger Beach' begin to slowly arrive...our beloved tiger sharks.

There is a huge population of tiger sharks that visit this area. All of them are female sharks (we are still not sure why it is only females that visit us here) and we have gotten to know many of them through the years, such as; Hook, Princess, Wonda, Freckles, Sophie, Notch, New Girl, Bolt, and Jersey Girl. Those tigers are regulars here at Tiger Beach and well over 12 feet in length, some of them weighing upwards of 1,000 pounds.

Of course the TB experience is always sweeter when Emma shows up to our dive site. She is close to 17 feet in length and weighs over 2,000 pounds. She is the reigning queen of Tiger Beach and it is truly an honor when she shows up to say hi.

Join Eli Martinez on an adventure of a Lifetime!

Reality check; These are close up encounters with very large sharks, and we do use chum and bait to attract the sharks in close. Tiger sharks are very large sharks, and can be curious, making close passes, sometimes bumping cameras. This is normal behavior for them, but if your not ready for it, it will be a gut check.

The plan is when we arrive at TB, we will anchor the boat and stay there the entire time, chumming for tiger sharks, and lemon sharks. We will move to another dive site if the weather or currents are bad.

This is an all inclusive liveaboard dive trip aboard the Dolphin Dream, an 86' x 26' Ocean Expedition Vessel and is all about diving with BIG sharks. So if you are up for an exciting shark diving trip... Join US!

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WATER TEMPERATURES - 77- 82 F (24 - 26 C).
LAND TEMPERATURES - 75 - 80 F (23 - 25 C).
Closest airport for arrival/departure is West Palm Beach International Airport. We sail out of Riviera City Beach Marina. 
*If you are traveling from another country you may need to fly into Miami International airport for International flights. 

Day 1 -
Arrival Day. You must arrive on the ship before 6PM at the Riviera City Beach Marina to do the customs paper work. We will depart to the Bahamas after 10 PM.

Day 2-6 (for 7 day trips) We will dive every day with sharks. We average between 4-6 hours each day.

Final Day - Departure day. We return to port at 9AM. After our US customs appointment we will return to port at 9:30AM. If you are flying out of West Palm Beach International, you can make your return flights after 12 noon.
*If flying out of Miami, please make your return flights after 3pm.


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