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- Welcome to my blog. I spend a lot of time out in the world chasing sharks (and other big sea creatures). This blog is my way of helping to dispell the myth that sharks are mindless monsters and my life's work is to share the other side of these animals. The ocean is an amazing place and it's truly a blessing, getting to spend as much time as I do out there. So here you guys go, these are my rants, where I will talk about everything from, traveling, diving and my complete nonsense on and under the ocean. Thank you guys for visiting and I hope you enjoy...

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2012
Video Blog #80 - Shark Diving with Tope Sharks - La Jolla Cove.
We visited La Jolla Cove in early September, to seek out sevengill sharks. Last season they were hanging around during this time of year, but every shark season is different and this time they were a no show. We did however encounter a small school of tope sharks (soupfin sharks) and spent about 30 minutes with these sharks. What is exciting is that the numbers of these little sharks is begining to rise again, thanks to the gill net ban, we are seeing an increase in the sharks aggregating in these waters more often.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2012
Video Blog #79 - Sharks in a Fish Market - Ensenada, MX.
Wevisited a fish market in Ensenada, Mexico. It was bustling with activity, lots of vendors, customers, etc. What was heart breaking was all the shark meat for sale on the shelves there. What was shocking was the amount of manta ray for sale....

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012
Video Blog #78 - Great White Shark Diving - Isla Guadalupe, MX.
We spent a week cage diving with white sharks off Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. It was an amazing week with over 20 different white sharks stopping in to say hi, 3 breaches, with an average of 10-12 white sharks each day and two small makos made a fly amazing week of diving.

AUGUST 23, 2012
Video Blog #77 - Fiji Shark Diving - Saying Goodbye.
Saying goodbye is not always fun, but sometimes its just freaking beautiful, especially when the Bula Boys from BAD Divers do it. During a Kava ceremony the crew from Beqa Adventure Divers said goodbye and I proudly share this experience with you all...hope you enjoy..

August 16, 2012
Video Blog #76 - Fiji Shark Diving - The Week Begins...
I returned to Fiji to see what the Bula Boys have been up to. I have not been here since 2005 and I wanted to see how the dive has changed, how the sharks behave and what the boys there are doing. Fiji has the best shark dive in the world... Period. No body does it better than them. They run one of the safest dives in the world, they give back to the locals, their waters are protected and most importantly, they love their sharks. It is an amazing place and I am very excited about sharing their world with you all in our Notes From the Road Blog...

JULY 26, 2012
Video Blog #75 - 2012 Whale Shark Reader Trip
This is a highlight video I put together to showcase the crazy whale shark action we experienced off Isla Mujeres this July, we had over 300 whale sharks show up during our time out there. Isla Mujeres is hands down the Whale Shark Capitol of the World! I hope you enjoy...

JULY 24, 2012
Video Blog # 74 - Shark Science for Kids
This past weekend I enrolled my daughter in a Marine camp where she learned about the ocean, keeping it clean, and she disected a shark. Nothing I was excited about, but the kids did learn a thing or two. I was allowed to visit and film it for our blog. Here is my take on it...

JULY 19, 2012
Video Blog # 73 - Shark Diving in an Aquarium
Here is a blog I put together about my recent visit to the Xcaret Nature Park in Mexico. My boys went snorkeling with nurse sharks and it was great to see the program they put together...

July 17, 2012
Video Blog # 72 -
SDM Issue 25 Release Party
Well I finally finished Issue 25 of SDM and it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. The articles are amazing, the images are first class, and the layouts...well I am biased when I say they should be showcased on a museum wall. Anyway, we held our 10 year anniversary party on Isla Mujeres and celebrated a decade of crazy shark loving fun together on our whale shark expedition. A perfect night full of amazing people...thank you everyone for the great memories...looking forward to another 10 years of SDM

July 16, 2012
Video Blog # 71 -
Day 2 in the water...Isla Mujere Whale Shark Expedition.
.So far the trip has been amazing and there is always a first time for everything out here. I have been visiting these waters for over 8 seasons now and this is the first year I have ever seen a shark take a crap. To capture it on video is really cool.


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