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- Welcome to my blog. I spend a lot of time out in the world chasing sharks (and other big sea creatures). This blog is my way of helping to dispell the myth that sharks are mindless monsters and my life's work is to share the other side of these animals. The ocean is an amazing place and it's truly a blessing, getting to spend as much time as I do out there. So here you guys go, these are my rants, where I will talk about everything from, traveling, diving and my complete nonsense on and under the ocean. Thank you guys for visiting and I hope you enjoy...

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NOVEMBER 29, 2011
Video Blog # 40 - Shark Diving 101 - Part 1
I begin a new video blog series on how to dive with sharks, discussing everything from how to start, what to wear, cage diving vs open water, snorkel vs scuba, chummed vs natural, etc.

NOVEMBER 22, 2011
Video Blog # 39 - Shark Feeding - Part 2
I continue our discussion on shark feeding, and try to shed some light on the controversy and the myth vs. reality.

NOVEMBER 18, 2011
Video Blog # 38 - My 1st Shark Dive!
Still cutting together our anniversary issue 25 of SDM, while going though old photos I found my first shark diving journal which is my wrotten account of my very first shark dive with Stuart Cove. A fun memory and possibly the most important one, as it changed and shaped the direction of my life...

NOVEMBER 15, 2011
Video Blog # 37 - Sailfish Baitball Diving!
This video is off topic, but its big animal diving and still really cool. Every year sailfish travel to the warm waters off Isla Mujeres, Mexico to gorge themselves on sardines. The sardines form baitballs for protection against the aggressive predators, which is the opportunity we are looking for...

NOVEMBER 11, 2011
Video Blog # 36 - Mako Shark Diving!
Hands down one of the coolest sharks in the shark world. The mako shark is a very hard shark to find, and once found it is very hard to keep around. I continue sharing my thoughts about diving with different species of sharks and obeying the rules when it comes to interacting with sharks. I also share my thoughts about scuba diving and sharks...

NOVEMBER 8, 2011
Video Blog # 35 - Diving with Oceanics!
One of the most misunderstood sharks in the world. Most people believe oceanics are extremely dangerous, but it is not true. The reason accidents between oceanics and people happen is because we break the rules. Sharks like oceanics have very strict rules when it comes to being in the water with them. Break them and you will pay a price. However obey them and they are one of the most amazing sharks you will ever have the pleasure of diving with...

NOVEMBER 4, 2011
Video Blog # 34 - Bull Shark Season!
Its the begining of November which also means that the bull sharks begin making their annual migration back to the waters that surround Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The dive shops in Playa have come to embrace this migration and have kick started a movement to protect the bull sharks. The diving here for bulls is relatively brand new, and maybe 4-5 years old. It was started by the owner of Phantom Divers. Chino Loria started the shark dive here just a few short years ago. He started it as just something cool to do with his buddies, but it evolved from there, and then he started bring customers down with him. Soon after all the dive shops caught on and were dropping in to show their customers these sharks. The operators here know they have something special and extremely important to the community of Playa and are pushing hard to get the sharks that are winter visitors here protected...

NOVEMBER 1, 2011
Video Blog # 33
- Tiger Sharks and Tiger Rolls
So here it is my thoughts and work with tiger sharks, it is all carved around footage from this past year. This footage was collected from two trips, other than my first 360 tiger shark roll. I grabbed that clip from our December 2011 trip. I know I am the first person in history to have a tiger shark spin 360 degrees in their hand, and say there has been one person in the world who has had that happen to them, for sure I am the only person who has had tigers roll 7 times. Not sure what the significance is but for me, it is knowing that we still do not know everything there is to know about sharks, there is still a lot to learn... so anyway this is also one of the longest blogs I have posted because once I started rambling on about tigers I just kept going. Hope you enjoy it...

OCTOBER 28, 2011
Video Blog # 32
- An Old TV Interview.
I was searching for some old pictures and during my search I fumbled across an old TV news interview I did when we were on a promotional tour in Florida. This was almost 10 years ago. Anyway, though it was pretty cool to look back and see where my mindset was when we first started the mag, and its awesome knowing we have not strayed from what we believed, which is Eco-torusim is the one thing that is going to save sharks. 10 years later and I still believe that.

OCTOBER 24, 2011
Video Blog # 31 - WA Shark Attack
First my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones due to accidents with sharks off the coast of Western Australia. These are tragic accidents and I pray that the families are coping well with their losses. Right now there is pressure and a push from the Australian Government to kill the sharks responsible for the accidents. The problem with that is the sharks that were invovled have probably already left the area, because white sharks are highly migratory, so the sharks that will end up getting killed will most likely have had nothing to do with it. The problem I have with all this is that we are visitors in the sharks world, and when ever an accident happens between man and shark it is always our fault. We did something to attract a sharks attention...

There is a petition right now to stop the culling of these sharks, please take a few seconds to sign it, they are trying to achieve 10,000 signatures. We appreciate your help.


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