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- Welcome to my blog. I spend a lot of time out in the world chasing sharks (and other big sea creatures). This blog is my way of helping to dispell the myth that sharks are mindless monsters and my life's work is to share the other side of these animals. The ocean is an amazing place and it's truly a blessing, getting to spend as much time as I do out there. So here you guys go, these are my rants, where I will talk about everything from, traveling, diving and my complete nonsense on and under the ocean. Thank you guys for visiting and I hope you enjoy...

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OCTOBER 21, 2011
Video Blog # 30 -
(SDM HQ) Shark Diving and Shark Fishing - My Thoughts
So I decided to sort of add a few more thoughts and ideas about shark divers and shark fishermen co-existing. It sounds wierd me talking about co-existing with shark fishermen, but the reality is there is more power when a lot of people (especially with influence and money) join together to fight for a common cause. This is my rally cry to begin a movement and try to encourage shark fishermen to talk a positive approach towards not only catch and release but also towards conservation, marine sanctuaries and so forth. This way its a win win for everyone, especially for the sharks!

OCTOBER 19, 2011
Video Blog # 29 - (South Padre Island, TX) Shark Fishing Tournament - Catch and release
This is an interesting blog, I ended up spending this weekend at a Shark Fishing Tournament here off my local waters. The South Texas Sharkfest is 100% catch and release tournament which is a great thing. I learned a lot from the sport fishing guys there this weekend. First let me point out; there is a difference between the trophy hunters (which I am 100% against) and the guys who just love to fish. Torphy hunters don't feel like they have gone fishing unless they come back with a dead something to show off to friends, or hang on their wall. Sport fishermen just love to fish, and are happy bringing back photo trophies of their day on the water. They are passionate about sharks and understand the importance of conservation. I understand that not everyone is going to go diving with sharks - I know, understand and respect that. And the other user group that spends a lot of money on travel for sharks is the sport fishermen. In fact they spend 3 or 4 times as much money on travel for their sport then shark divers do. So either we learn to co-exist with each other or we are all doomed to failure. To me the only thing that is going to save sharks is eco-tourism. Governments are NOT going to embrace or protect sharks unless they are making money off of them, that is the cold hard fact. So either we as shark protectors make enemies with the whole world and accomplish little or accept that there is a percentage of people who want to go fishing for sharks - and a group of people that supports catch and release is a great thing.

I do know that a lot of sharks die due to the stress from capture, I wish I could say that no sharks die, but they do. Fishermen accidentally kill them, shark researchers accidentally kill them, there is no doubt that the stress caused by being caught causes damage. But a large percentage lives, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of sharks swimming around with hooks in their mouth. I have personally cut out fishing lines, and pulled hooks out of several sharks. So I know that many will be ok when and if caught. Do I wish that none of these sharks were caught, absolutely I would rather the world swim with these beautiful animals then fish for them but that is not a reality. So to me either we join together with like minded people to protect sharks or we don' personal thoughts are that we try it together and see if we can accomplish more.

OCTOBER 13, 2011
Video Blog # 28 - (Northern Bahamas) Our Final 3 Days of Diving with Tiger Sharks
Ok I am on fire to share this latest trip journal blog with you all. The last three days of our dive trip was pretty much the same, lots of time in the water with tigers and lemons. So instead of cutting together 3 videos that pretty much looked the same, I decided to lump our final three days of diving into one kick ass session. The hard part for me was choosing the clips that made it into this final cut. I had hours of footage to go through. In the end I decided on the few that I thought were the most fun. So without further adu, I give you guys my final video blog for our October 2011 tiger shark adventure...I hope you enjoy it!

OCTOBER 12, 2011
Video Blog # 27 -(Northern Bahamas) Day 4 of the Adventure First full day of chumming for Tiger Sharks
This is our third day of diving and our first full day attempt at attracting tigers. And attract them we did! A shark I have spent a lot of time interacting with over the past few seasons decided to pay us a visit. Hook is an amazing shark that is really well behaved and gave everybody an a great show...

OCTOBER 11, 2011
Video Blog # 26 - (Northern Bahamas) Day 3 of our Trip Dolphins and Sharks
We kick off the morning with a fun dive with dolphins, something I said I would never do, but yet here I am in the water swimming with a small pod of dolphins and enjoying every second of it. Once we left the dolphins and headed out to the legendary Tiger Beach dive site. It is an amazing place filled with dreams and is one more.

OCTOBER 10, 2011
Video Blog # 25 - (Northern Bahamas) Day 2 of our Tiger Beach trip / First day of Diving
Day two of our Tiger Beach Adventure. We leave West End on Grand Bahamas and head out to a spot called Tiger Reef, which is a really sharky spot and is dominated by the local reef shark population. Upon arrival we are greated by around 40-50 reef sharks. No lemon sharks or tigers show up, but the dive is pretty intense. We finish the day with a night swim with dolphins. No tiger sharks for our first day at sea, but a hell of a way to kick off the trip...

OCTOBER 9, 2011
Video Blog # 24 - (West Palm Beach, Florida) The Arrival - West Palm beach Florida Our Boat
Day one of our trip out to Tiger Beach. I am going to spend a week out in the Northern Bahamas for our annual trip out to swim with the Bahamian tiger sharks. This is the first time I am trying to share with you all what happens out there. I normally bring you guys the written stories, but this time I have the opportunity to try and share the excitement of Tiger Beach with video blogs...I hope you enjoy them...

SEPTEMBER 30, 2011
Video Blog # 23 - (SDM HQ) Road trip Tiger Beach Bound
Sorry for the late blog, I can't believe I forgot to upload this blog to the website before I left to Tiger beach. I loaded it to our Facebook and Twitter account but did not get it on to our website, so for that I appologize. I created this blog to share with you before I headed out to Tiger Beach and to let you know I was going to be gone for the week, so their would not be any updates while I was on the road....

SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
Video Blog # 22 - (Elsa, TX) Harley Ride for Autism Shark Talk
We spent our Saturday at a Ride for Autism barbecue cook-off in Elsa, Texas. It was a great event, with such amazing people. My good friends Horacio and Monica Castillo invited us to set up a booth and talk shark. We spent the day sharing the shark's story with all the amazing kids that stopped by to say hello and I can honestly say we effected change in a few individuals. It was one of those days that just moves you and makes you happy to be alive. I am grateful and honored that I was invited to attend this event and I learned so much about the kids, their familes and the great people who put on this event...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
Video Blog # 21 - One Million Kids Shark Awareness Program
It begins...I officially begun our ONE MILLION KIDS SHARK AWARENESS PROGRAM...I have decided to really up my goals, and decided to talk to increase my number of kids I want to reach with our shark awareness program from 1,000 kids to one million. A bit of a small jump up. I will be dedicating a page to this and will share it with you guys early next week. I am still working out the bugs in how I am going to kick this off, and this is a work in progress but I will make improvements as I go...


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