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- Welcome to my blog. I spend a lot of time out in the world chasing sharks (and other big sea creatures). This blog is my way of helping to dispell the myth that sharks are mindless monsters and my life's work is to share the other side of these animals. The ocean is an amazing place and it's truly a blessing, getting to spend as much time as I do out there. So here you guys go, these are my rants, where I will talk about everything from, traveling, diving and my complete nonsense on and under the ocean. Thank you guys for visiting and I hope you enjoy...

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FEBRUARY 24, 2014
Video Journal # 110 - 2014 Tiger Shark Trip Notes Day 3, Jan.
I So I am trying to keep my video blogs a little more interesting than just sitting behind a desk, so I am mixing it up with written blogs on Medium, and then video blogs while I am out on the road chasing sharks. Here is a clip of day three of our tiger shark trip this past January, we had 8 tigers come in and say amazing day at sea.

FEBRUARY 12, 2014
Video Journal # 109 - 2014 Tiger / Great Hammerhead Expedition, Day 2
Here is a highlight video blog I created to share the crazy adventure we just experienced on our tiger/ hammer trip aboard the Dolphin Dream liveaboard vessel. The trip was a crazy great time with 6 species of sharks. A new record for me on these trips. We averaged 3 tigers everyday and 3 great hammerheads. Such amazing animals...hope you enjoy.

JANUARY 12, 2014
Video Journal # 108 - 2013 Whale Shark Sessions Day 5
Here is a quick blog from day five of our July 2013 Whale Shark Expedition. This is a quick look at snippets from our 2013 shark diving season; Sharks we saw, places we visited, people, we met and the fun we had. I decided to cut these short videos because we shot video all season long and I have done nothing with 90 percent of it. So here is a clip from day 5...hope you enjoy.

JANUARY 8, 2014
Video Journal # 107 - Sailfish Baitball Day 3
Weather is still really shitty. Another strom has rolled in and now, even the port in Playa is closed and we can't see the bulls. So despite this bad news we are still making the most of it and diving one of the cenotes there near Playa. It was a fun day and the guys had a blast. I admit, I did have fun...

JANUARY 7, 2014
Video Journal # 106 - Sailfish Baitball Day 2
The weather was still bad and we were not able to get out to find sailfish, but we were able to sneak in and dive with the bull sharks off Playa. So visited our friends from Phantom Divers and in the pouring rain (that was so much fun) we dropped in to dive with 10 bull sharks. Such a great dive.

JANUARY 6, 2014
Video Journal # 105 - Sailfish Baitball Day 1
This is our first day at sea for the 2014 sailfish baitball season and the weather is kicking our ass. A winter storm has blown in and we have strong wind and big swells to deal with. This is my report for the day...

JANUARY 5, 2014
Video Journal # 104 - Whale Shark Expedition - Day 1
We were out at sea, looking for sailfish chsing baitballs in Mexico, so while we were out at sea, I decided to post a new addition to Notes from a Shark Junkies Journal, called "Shark Sessions." I have so much footage from the 2013 season and I have not done anything with it, so I decided to cut together these short blogs from my travels to share with you while I am either on the road traveling, or out at sea. I am trying hard to put out a daily blog everyday during the 2014 season and this will help fill in the gapes when I can't write or have no internet connection. The crew at SDM will upload this gems of shark nonsense for me when I am at sea. Anyway, here is a blog from our first day on the water during our July 2013 whale shark expedition. Hope you enjoy...

NOVEMBER 28, 2013
Video Journal # 103 - Crocs and Bull Shark Expedition - MEXICO!
Sorry that we have not posted a blog for a long while. We decided to try something different and have been puttin up a lot of short 30 second videos on our Facebook page. We just have so much footage that is just sitting on hard drives and decided to try and share some great underwtaer highlights of our underwater world. So if you do not want to miss out on any of this crazy sharky life, like us on Facebook . But I have not forgotten about our blog, so here is a quick one. We just returned from an expedition to swim with crocs off Banco Chinchorro and then headed over to Playa del Carmen for the annual bull shark migration. It was an amazing adventure with great friends and awesome encounters.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
Video Journal # 102 - How to Safely push away an agressive shark.
Here is a quick tip on how to safely push away a shark that is too aggressive. This is a last resort technique and should only be used if you do have nothing in front of you to deflect an oncoming bump from a fiest shark, or for a shark that is super curious and is harassing you. This video is a first in a series of practical how to vlogs I will be creating to help enrich and keep you safer the next time you encounter a shark.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
Video Journal # 101 -
California Shark Expedition.
Damn, I just realized that I have not loaded a blog all of August...need to get back to posting thoughts and ideas. I do enjoy sharing ideas not sure why I don't spend more time writing? So for those that are interested in our adventures, I promise to vlog more often. Here is my latest video vlog fresh from our trip to Southern California. We had a weekend liveaboard blue / mako shark trip scheduled with Chris Wade so we decided to visit the area a few days in advance and check out the seasonal aggregation of leopard sharks off of La Jolla Shores. With the help of Margo Sanchez, CEO of Scuba Diver Girls we also spent our days swimming with a very healthy tope shark population hundreds of tope sharks were swarming the grass and kelp beds off the Shores and I am stoekd that this population is getting bigger with each and every season. Can't wait to go back next year...


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