SDM is a family run business, run primarily by our editor, Eli Martinez and his wife, Maritza Martinez. The goals of our company are simple, “to share with the world how important and beautiful sharks are, and to help dispel the shark myth.” ~ which is the belief that sharks are mindless monsters.

We published the first issue of Shark Diver Magazine in March of 2003, publishing a total of 25 issues. During that time, we also organized expeditions to varies places around the world to dive with different species of sharks.

Sadly the last issue of SDM was published in 2012. Social media was taking over the world and a quarterly magazine just could not keep up with the speed of story telling on social media platforms. But we also discovered how great social media was in that area. We could connect daily with our readers and share all the latest news involving sharks in real time.

So we decided it was best to do away with publishing our paper magazine and focus on the two areas we truly enjoyed. Story telling, using platforms like; youtube, facebook, instagram, Periscope and Twitter, as well as taking people shark diving.

Giving back to sharks is very important to us, so along with helping to dispel the myth via our social media outlets, we also spend a lot of time visiting schools, sharing with them the plight of sharks and the other side of these amazing animals. Through the years we have shared this important message with thousands of young minds. Our hope is to expand this grassroots effort of visiting schools around the world with the help of our shark loving friends and reach our goal of a million minds.

We have also been blessed with the opportunities to reach millions of people through varies TV shows, Our editor, Eli has appeared / hosted shows on; Discovery’s, Shark Week, NBC’s, Today Show, CNN, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Channel, as well as varies documentaries, newspapers and magazines around the world - all in the hopes of helping to share the shark’s story. Currently Eli is co-hosting a shark series called “Blue Water Savages” on The Outdoor Channel.



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