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- "Welcome to my blog. I spend a lot of time out in the world chasing sharks (and other big sea creatures). This blog is my way of helping to dispell the myth that sharks are mindless monsters and my life's work is to share the other side of these animals. The ocean is an amazing place and it's truly a blessing, getting to spend as much time as I do out there. So here you guys go - these are my rants, where I will talk about everything from, traveling, diving and sometimes, just complete nonsense on and under the ocean. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy..."

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OCTOBER 1, 2016

So we have officially moved our location...We have built a new website and we will be updating that site from now on. We have been running this website since January 2003 and as much as we hate to say good bye to our beloved was time. So for new posts, photos, expeditions and blogs please visit our new site.

May 26, 2016

been Hey guys sorry I havent updated the website as I should be doing. I have been updating our facebook page daily, so if you guys want the latest and when it comes out check it out. There is a gret feature on Facebook where I can chat with you guys Live. So I can do Q and A sessions with you guys. What is great about this is I get to talk about the latest shark news in real time, discussing all shark related issues, from over fishing to shark accidents, shark diving related Q's and behavior. Its great. I am able to attach our latest live video from this past Monday discussing shark accidents over the weekend and the latest tiger shark research off Hawaii. The rant goes on for a while but there is some decent gems of info in there. I also will be more pro active on the site updating more photos and video for you guys here as well.

April 11, 2016
(SDM BLOG # 4 of the 2016 Season) -Our great hammerhead season is officially over!

Well it was a fun three months for us. We spent so much time with the great hammerheads...Well we spent a good amount of time with them. Not as much as we had planned this year. The weather decided exactly how much time time we spent with them this season...which was less than half of what was scheduled. Damn the weather was crazy in the Bahamas this season. There were so many storms
this year that kept us at port and they just kept passing through, week after week, day after day. It was crazy. I have never had a season like this and I have been coming to the Bahamas for about 12 years now and nothing like this year has ever happened. There is no doubt that nature is making changes out there. She is doing her thing, moving things around and stirring things up. I am hoping that next season she will be a bit kinder to us? I am sure she will, its is all in cycles, and this year it was just our turn to get caught in the middle of it.

Either way, the days we did manage to get out there were great days. Happy to report that many of the sharks we spent time with last season were there. Including Patches, but Patches no longer looked like Patches. Her big white scar on her back was healed up and gone. She still has the entourage of rainbow runners with her. Those fish are getting big! Watching her with those fish got me thinking about fish that hang out with sharks, like pilot fish, remoras and rainbow runners. I am wondering if they spend their hole lives, or most of their lives with the same shark? Gonna start paying more attention to the fish that hang around my sharks that I see year after year. Curious to find out if there is any truth to that.

So here is a quick blog I created to share how we spent one of our weather days on Bimini. They have a few bull sharks hanging around the marina, because the fishermen clean their catches there. Bulls come in and eat what is thrown in the water. The local restaurant also throws out scraps, exciting their guests. So the sharks have become residents in the marina, and the hotel decided to drop a cage at their dock for people who want to dive with sharks. Of course your in a cage, so not really exciting for the type of shark diving we enjoy doing. But its extremely safe and the bulls are big and its in your face, so its kind of cool.


March 16, 2016
(SDM BLOG # 3 of the 2016 Season) -Back from Socorro, Mexico!

Damn it was an insane trip. Its been a few years since I have been diving in Socorro, Mexico. 4 years to be exact. And after diving there, I can't believe I waited so long to go back. The diving is just magical. Socorro has often been called Mexico's Galapagos. Yes, I can see why, mantas, sharks, dolphins and thousands upon thousands of fish. The life there is unreal. The only down fall was our ride home. It takes about 26 hours to get there, we leave from Cabo San Lucas. The crossing to get to the island was not bad...the ride home was another story. When we left for Socorro we had flat calm seas, it was just beautiful. However the seas and the swells began building during the week and the ride home was painful. But thats the toss of the coin when you are out on/in the ocean. Sometimes mother ocean embraces you and other times, she wants to kill you. I do have to say, it was worth every bump and bang during our ride home. The life out there is worth the ride. Here is a quick highlight video sharing the experience. Hope you enjoy.


February 22, 2016
(SDM BLOG # 2 of the 2016 Season) - Sharks and Gators and Orcas..Oh my!

Again I have been totally distracted and not updating my blog on our site. I just got back from 3 1/2 weeks of tiger sharks and great hammerheads out in Bimini, Bahamas. I also snuck in a day of alligator diving with my buddies in Florida. Chris Gillette ( one of the hosts of the TV show, Gator Boys) took me and my buddy, U/W photographer Chris Dougherty out to swim with alligators in the everglades. It was insanely cool. We spent the day swimming with at least 15-20 alligators. It was so much fun and these animals are wickedly cool. I posted a bunch of pics on our instagram page and our facebook account. Here is one shot, I may cut something together as a highlight video from a crazy month and a half spent on adventures. Sort of a orcas, tigers, great hammerheads and gators. Something fun? Hmm, might work on that next. Here is one pic from the adventure.

I also cut together a highlight video from our orca expedition. It was 10 days of crazy cold, insanely beautiful, and Just amazing animals. All set in arctic conditions. Me and Maritza had a blast out there and are already looking forward to next season and better opportunities to see and interact with these animals. Can't wait. Oh yea, if you want to check out the video here it is.

Hope you enjoy...

JANUARY 23, 2016
SDM BLOG # 1 of the 2016 season) - First written post of the new year...
Damn man where does the time go? So I apologize for taking such a long break from writing and creating video blogs. After doing these for so many years I decided to take a break from it, collect myself, reflect, catch up on some need family time, travel a little bit and now I am back! I am writing this while sitting on the Dolphin Dream, we just got back from a week diving with tigers and great hammerheads. It was a tough weather week, but we did get in 4 days of diving (out of 6) and we got to play with tigers and hammerheads and bull sharks (damn it). Normally I welcome bull sharks, but on our great hammerhead trips, they are a thorn. Anyway, I am going to keep this report short, because I want to get back to editing our orca blog from Norway. We kicked off the year in Norway, swimming with orcas in the chilly arctic water. It was an amazing trip with a lot of orcas. We also had 2 days of orcas feeding on baitballs in shallow water for over an hour. More on that later.
Tomorrow we head back out to the Bahamas and I hope we have better weather for everyone. Today I am going to edit videos for you all. Do a little laundry and buy a jacket! It is cold in Florida and I didnt think to bring a jacket...Its the Bahamas and it NEVER gets cold in the Bahamas! Yea right... Target here I come. Talk soon my friends...

MARCH 8, 2015
BLOG # 6 ( 2015 ) - Snow Day, time to catch up on where I have been
Snow day on Bimini…man I am so behind on my blogging. I started out really good this year, but its been a blur of one trip after the other and writing blogs has gotten away from me.
Click here to read more.

FEBUARY 1, 2015
BLOG # 5 ( 2015 ) - Damn the weather and the wrong sharks!

January 30, 2015- Day 5 of our second trip of the 2015 season. We are at Bimini Island, Bahamas, looking for great hammerheads. We got here yesterday. It was a great day of diving. We jumped in on our first dive (during low tide) and the vis was complete shit. We got the sharks?— Click here to read more.

JANUARY 25, 2015
BLOG # 4 ( 2015 ) - New Adventures and New Behaviors
So we begin our adventures for the 2015 season. Kicked off our shark diving with a visit to Tiger Beach and Bimini for great hammerheads. The great thing is I get to spend 4 weeks straight out there, diving with these sharks. My goal during these 4 weeks is of course to try and learn new behavior and meet as many new sharks as possible. And so far I have not been disappointed… Click here to read more.

JANUARY 11, 2015
BLOG # 3 ( 2015 ) - Shark Season Begins…
Well we are about to hit the 2nd week of the new year…and it’s a week of packing and prepping. I have a two month road trip of shark madness coming up. Well not really madness, but I will be chasing sharks for two month’s straight to kick off the 2015 shark season. Which I am doing with a mix of emotions...Click here to read more.

JANUARY 6, 2015
BLOG # 2 ( 2015 ) - Dancing with Sharks...They Do Love to Dance.
A blog was just recently written about touching and interacting with sharks, written by my good friend Mike Neumann. Naturally, there was a few paragraphs about me in there - and my work at Tiger Beach and the rolling and vertical stuff I do. He is not a fan of it and has never been shy about sharing that. Of course, some of his readers use Mike’s blog to voice their dislike for me or the interactions in the comments section—some not so very nice. But it is what it is. Click here to read more.

JANUARY 1, 2015
BLOG # 1 ( 2015 ) - 2015 Begins...but before it does.
Well it’s over… 2014 was an amazing year, filled with highs and lows. It will be one I will never forget. I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while and have been racking my brain as to what to share? SO much happened this year, too much to share in one blog. I figured that I would just recap a few highlights of my year and the moments that stuck out and meant the most to me... Click here to read more.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
Upcoming Shark Trip - 2 1/2 weeks of craziness
So I have a crazy trip schedule coming up. I have two and a half weeks on the road seeking out sharks. Its a crazy roller coaster schedule and I am excited about it. Although, I am also nervous about it as well. Because there is a hurricane raging in Baja right now and it may turn our first few days to complete shit and not allow us to get out there. Hopefully we will be able to do some coastal stuff while in Cali though? Who knows? But I guess, that is what shark diving is all about - you have to take the good with the bad, everyday is different out there and you never know what your going to get. But if we do get out there, I hope we find the sharks? (Of course, I am always nervous about that. Despite our track record - which is great, but until that first shark shows up at the back of our boat, I am a nervous wreck. Anyway, if all goes as planned it should be an amazing couple of weeks with a couple of new species for is quick sneak peek at our upcoming trip schedule...

Sept. 17 - Fly to San Diego.
Sept. 18 - Dive with Makos / Blues and hoping smooth hammerheads ( the smooth hammer is a new species, so fingers crossed.)
Sept. 19 - Leopards and Tope Sharks off La Jolla Shores. (hoping to find the elusive swell shark - new species)
Sept. 20 - 24 - Off to Guadalupe Island for White sharks. (5 days)
Sept. 25 - Fly to West Palm Beach, Fl.
Sept 26 - Dive with Goliath Groupers, (hopefully sandbar sharks - new species for me as well) off Jupiter, Fl.
Sept 26 - Oct. 3 - Off to Tiger Beach, Bahamas, for tigers, lemons, and reef sharks and if we are lucky, a great hammerhead. (8 days)

So that is my upcoming schedule, it is going to be sharky as hell (weather permitting) and with it, I will hopefully log two-three new species off my seen it list. I will be of course blogging about it as I go. So make sure to check out our FB, twitter, Instagram and Youtube pages for updates. I am excited about the Cali bit, but I am really looking forward to getting back out to the Bahamas. It has been 8 long months since my last trip out to to Tiger Beach, I miss my tiger and lemon shark buddies. My last visit was for our Shark Week shoot, filming Zombie Sharks back in February. What a kick ass trip it was as well. On our last day, last dive; we had 10 tiger sharks, lemons, reefs, nurse sharks, 3 bull sharks (which was a surprise) and a 14 foot great hammerhead came in to say hi. It was such a great time, the feed back I got from the show was so great, a huge thanks to everyone for that. Of course, I also got some shit for it as well. But that was to be expected, my haters are very loyal. lol

Playing with a white shark in New Zealand, they are very aggressive there, yet incredibly shy as well. Such great sharks

There is such a love/hate relationship with shark people and Shark Week. I understand why and I wish the programing on all the shows was the way all of us Shark lovers want it to be. But unfortunately we are not the demographic they are marketing too. They are marketing to people who spend 4-5 hours a day loyally sitting in front of the TV watching every BS show that comes across their screen. They are not marketing to shark divers, because the majority of us are out living it, not watching it. Despite all that, working on that show was a dream come true for me. I got to visit New Zealand, and hell yea, I visited Hobbiton while I was there, (yes, I am a geek that way.) I spent a week with the white sharks, which was great because I got to click off a new spot for whites in the world.

The most amazing days of diving I have ever experienced, orcas are awesome. Hanging with Ingrid in her back yard. Such a great soul.

The highlight of working on the show and my career was meeting and hanging out with the legendary, Ingrid Vissor. She is an amazing woman and spirit. We spent 4 days diving with her orcas in clear blue warm-ish water. It was one of the most amazing dives I have ever done in my life, so humbling. There is not a mean bone in their body, such great animals and I am forever grateful for the experience. So when I read the crap that my haters post, on FB, twitter, and emails, about how I sold out, how I'm a wildlife harrasser and (my favorite) how I am not a real shark person for working on Shark Week. I just think back to my time hanging out with good friends, diving at Tiger Beach and Stuart Coves, getting to play with sharks on camera (playing with sharks is what I love to do). I got to visit New Zealand to dive with whites and wild orcas in a place where no one is allowed to dive with orcas. I just say, hell fruckin' yea...and I would do it again!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Video Journal # 113 - Highlight reel from our first six months of this year out in the world chasing sharks.
I was going through some of my hard drives from earlier this year, looking for clips to share with you all on our Facebook page. I ran into a few blogs I filmed and wanted to share them, but of course I can't because the trips are out dated. Thats how fast information is shared these days. Blogs from July of this year are considered old news. But I didnt want to waaste them, so I decided to cut together the reel to share the first 7 months of this season. It actually blew my mind how much great shark action we have experienced this year. Cutting this video together helped to remind me of these trips. Such a great time, and the cool thing is, its not over. We have 4 more months of crazy sharkiness coming up...Hell, I have a crazy 2 1/2 week trip coming up next week, where I will be diving with hopefully; makos, blues, leopard sharks, and topes in California, then we head to Guadalupe, Mexico for white sharks, return from that, then fly to Florida for a shot at goliath grouper and sandbar sharks, then a return trip to tiger Beach to see my babies...its been a while. I am trying to figure out how to share that adventure? Anyway, here is this blog...Hope you guys enjoy.

MAY 11, 2014
Video Journal # 112 - A high light video from our 2014 Oceanic Whitetip Expedition
Life has been crazy for me lately, from filming our upcoming Shark Week show for Discovery to all our expeditions we have been leading. Its been amazing but busy. So far this year alone we have been out there chasing sharks for over 10 weeks, and as we head into our summer Mexico season for crocs and whale sharks, its going to get crazier. Here is a highlight video from our oceanic trip, this is my first time back, since 2011. Its an amazing place and the shark diving here is nothing short of EPIC. I hope you enjoy.

FEBRUARY 27, 2014
Video Journal # 111 - Trip Notes from our June 2013 Croc Diving expedition.
I was going through some old blogs and stumbled upon a video entry from the end of our 1st croc diving expedition to Banco Chinchorro. It was an amazing trip and my first experience swimming with crocodiles. Such an amazing animal and nothing like I expected. Hope you enjoy this short post.


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