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May 25, 2009
The craziness of my new schedule has me going all over the place, with rarely any time to write, which troubles me as writing is something I truly enjoy. Again I appologize for not updating my blog or writing up the trip report from SDM's silky shark dive which I have promised to you all and that I need to finish up.

I am so blown away on how fast this year has gone by, it feels like such a blur and as I look back at the past 5 months, I don't know how I spent them, or what I was doing?

I look back and think, did I even go diving? Thankfully the answer is yes I have. Not as much as I would like to have gone diving, but so far I have dove with bulls, tigers, lemons, and within a crazy school of silky sharks. So I have been in the water 3 months out of five. Of course my goal was to go sharkin' every month. But the idea was that even if I failed and did not go sharkin every month, I would still have some amazing times in the water, and that is all that matters. What is important is that I am out there with my friends, chasing sharks and finding new stories to write about, and collecting new images to share with you all.

I love this sport and I love this life, and my ultimate goal is always first and foremost to inspire you all to get out there and go diving, or if your not a diver, then to take up diving. The more people we having diving with sharks, the better the chances of getting them protected and saved from the long liners noose. Or even if you have no desire to drop in and get wet, then to just get out there and do something, anything. I want everyone who reads our blogs, or our magazines to experience LIFE, and all its excitement. We all have only one life, don't waste it away wishing you were out there doing.

You know, some shark people have criticized me this year for some of the media projects we were involved in, and for calling shark diving a sport. My goal is always to try and tell the sharks story...period. My hope is when the final product rolls that the story is a good one. They are not always good, which sucks, but sometimes they are, and my hope is that someone out there is watching, and when the credits roll that they want to go shark diving. And if they do, then I did my job. My job is to get people diving - period... that is my job. There are other shark people whos job it is to promote conservation first, and everything else second. My job is to get people shark diving first, and through this, the hope is that people will want to protect sharks and do their part to help save them.

To me the only thing that will save sharks is Eco-Tourism. I do not believe that sharks can be saved by any other means. Third world country officials will only protect what is making them money. So if shark diving is bringing in tourist revenue, (diving, hotels, restaurants, touristy tees, marine park fees.which is how officials can pocket some cash), then I believe they will eventually ban long lining from their waters. Lining the pockets of public officials today is the only way to help sharks. That is what I believe.

And as far as calling shark diving a sport, well it is. How do you win? Well the guy who dives with the most species of sharks does! What do they win - a life time of adventures and priceless memories. There is a magazine out there called Sport Diver. So why is calling scuba diving a sport ok, and then calling shark diving a sport not ok? Shark diving to me is an exciting, electric sport, that can sometimes be scary, and amazing, and breath taking. I look at shark diving as a wild, fun, and addictive sport, and despite the critics, I will continue to do my part to help take this sport to the next level, as well as continuing to tell the sharks story every chance I get... Till the wheels fall off!

May 13, 2009
Man what a crazy month it has been. I have not had time to write and update anyone on any of our activites. I sort of left the blogs for dead. Not intentionally but because I just have not had time to really sit down and blog. Based on the life changes here at SDm, some new changes are in store for our company as a whole. Which will include a newly designed website, and a new direction for SDm.

I also just got back from Venice Louisiana and diving with the SDm crew in the Gulf of Mexico. We ended up spending the day with something like 100 silky sharks and a few scalloped hammerheads. It was an EPIC day with some of my really good friends. I will be posting a trip report about it within the next few days in our trip report section.

I also will be updating the making the mag blog, but again, because of the new direction I am planning out, that will change as well. It is going to be a weird but welcomed change which will be more interactive once the new web, and our direction is in full force. It will not be over night because, well it is still a one man band here, and all the work is up to me. I am up for the challenge, but it will be very time consuming.

So anyway, I am going to blogging more often, and try to keep you all posted on all the new changes as they occur. Issue 20 begins shipping at the end of this week so keep an eye out for those brown envelopes over the course of the next 2 weeks.!

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