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December 30, 2008
Only one more day till the birth of the New Year. I hope you all have a long list of New Year resolutions planned out. If not get busy writing! And I don't mean just one resolution, I mean multiple. Write out how your going to change your life, how your going to do it all different and better. How your going to travel more, and excercise more, laugh more and the whole nine yards.

And don't just read these words, actually do it. The more you write, the better the chances of at least half those things coming true in your 09 year. And if you do half those things, imagine how much better your life will be, or how much more fun you'll have had in 09? Writing and planning is a must if you want anything to come true in your life. Especially the traveling part. If you begin your year, planning to travel more, and experience more adventures, then you will! So break out the computer, the pen and paper, a toilet paper roll, a small needle and your index finger; do whatever it takes and just start writing, and planning, and plotting what you will do in 2009.

How about on the green side of things??? How are YOU going to make your consuming life better and more purposeful to the planet? How are you going to help sharks in 2009? Will you take on a more passive roll and keep on watching it all happen, or will you take an action stance? Will you help keep where you live a little cleaner? Will you organize a beach clean up? How about donating some of your free time to your city, or to local kids who need more guidance?

The birth of the new year is not just a symbolic meaning, it truly is a new beginning...a fresh new start, to a beautiful new day. I am sorry to sound like this chipper wind up doll, but I love the new year. I look it as an opportunity to create a brand new list of things I want to do and become, and kick some ass, make some changes, and have a shit load of fun!

I hope you will too.

Happy New Year everyone.

December 29, 2008
Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you to everyone who has been with us through out the year, you all have made it possible for us to continue to publish our magazine, and I am humbled and forever grateful to everyone of you for this year, and for your support and emails. This concludes our 6th year publishing this magazine, and it has been an amazing ride, so many great things have happened this year.

2009 is going to be an interesting and super busy year for us. And the biggest thing for me is to try and juggle everything that needs to be done. From creating new magazines - to film projects, some TV work, to the most important part... going shark diving!

I have not forgotten the most important thing on my plate and that is to go shark diving. It is why I got into this game in the first place. It is easy to get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the business world, and forget why we work in the first place. And that is... too of course pay for all our needs, and our families needs... but it is also to buy the freedom to live life to the very fullest!

I need to always remember that. Even with a great job like being the editor of the best magazine in the world (I'm biased, but don't care - It's a great magazine.), I still need to remember that my job is to go shark diving as often as I can. Not only because I love to go shark diving, but so that I can bring you all back stories and images of life as a travelling shark diver. More stories less bull shit dreaming! Of course dreaming is important, thats how adventures are born, but as the saying goes; "To dream a dream, is a wonderful thing, but to live a dream, is even better!"

So in 2009, I am not going to talk about wanting to go shark diving, I am going to talk about going shark diving, counting down the days till the next adventure begins. And my goal for 2009 is to go shark diving every month! So here we are a few days away from the new year and already I have my next assignment...

I have been invited to go to Mexico to experience the bull shark dive they offer there. However the person who invited me, wants me to go for more than just the dive, they need serious help. He is asking me to help them set up interaction rules for all the operators who are taking guests out there to dive with the bulls. Bull sharks are very aggressive sharks, and what he is telling me is that it is getting out of control. So he and a few others want to help create some sort of guide lines for the longevity of this shark dive.... not only for the divers safety but also for the sharks. If someone gets hurt, that will be the end of this dive, and most likely the authorities will step in and kill all the sharks, all in the name of tourism and the safety of the public... so more than a fun recreational dive is at stake. So a good story and a great adventure is coming together.

This all just happened last week so as things progress I will keep you all posted but it looks like I am Mexico bound sometime in January...


December 22, 2008
Yesterday I was going for a jog when I started thinking about my maagazine, and then just about magazines in general. I then went through my memory of all the magazines I have purchased through my lifetime. What kind of magazines I read, and why? Why did I buy it? More importantly did I continue to buy it? Looking back, I purchased magazines about motorcycles, a few car mags, rock climbing, bull riding, sailing, mountain biking, surfing, scuba diving, Playboy (for the articles only of course), video magazines, a few worldly political mags, and such. As I fast forward to where I am now, I think about those magazines, and I think about which magazines I still would purchase, and the three I still regularly purchase are surfing, mountain biking and rock climbing. I subscribe to two mags; Surfing magazine, and HD Videopro, but for the rest I visit the book store every other month to pick up copies of the latest issues.

My point is that the magazines you buy reflect who you are, and where you are in your life. If your reading and subscribing to SDM, that tells me that you love sharks but more importantly that you love adventure. Because at the heart of every issue of SDM is adventure... period. At first I started to print articles about learning more about shark species, but then I thought, if someone wants to learn about sharks, they can get that on the internet, or in the many, many books on the subject. So I decided to scrap the idea. Now personal adventures with sharks is fewer and farther between, and I know this because that is why I started the magazine in the first place.

So get ready for another year with SDM, because my goal is to make sure you all continue to love this magazine and NEVER want to stop reading it. So ten years from now, when you think back to all the different magazines you all have read through the years, most will be gone and forgotten, but there will be one that continues to be the same.
-Wishing you all Happy Holidays

December 18, 2008
The year is coming to a close and I hope everyone of you can look back at 2008 and say "damn it was a fun year with so many moments and memories that I will treasure for ever." If not then I hope your looking at making a change for the better as you head into 09' Seeking out more adventures, more laughter, more fun, more love... more life! Before we close up shop here for the remainder of the year. I want to take this moment to thank everyone of you for reading our magazine and visiting our website and sharing this adventure with me... I love you guys!

From everyone at SDM... Happy Holidays.

December 16, 2008
Last night Rusty and Steve had a private screening at a pub on South Padre Island, TX. The reviews were all positive, and they got thumbs up across the board. The thing that Rusty said was the most positive results of the film was that everyone was there to stay warm and get their drink on, but he said that everyone was glued to the screen, and did not drink much which was a good thing. If you can keep a room full of surfers watching a shark flick, then I think you did something good.

I also got an email from traveling SDM shooter, Nathan Meadows. He sent me an email from his last adventure out in Baja. He went out there with legendary shark photographer Doug Perrine, they went to shoot whales and marlin, and ended up finding them hacking up on a baitball in the sea of Cortez. He came back with an EPIC tale of one of the most exciting off the beaten path adventures I have heard in a while. His story is not about sharks, but I want him to write up the adventure for the mag... because diving with marlin is very-very cool.

I knw I have sharks on the brain, and I am sure that everyone of you who reads my blog does as well, (which makes you all pretty damn cool people), but there are some really exciting and interesting animals in the aquatic world to see as well. Free swimming marlin, gators, hippo diving (ok thats extreme but would be amazing to do, if you live to tell about it), walrus, wild orca, leopard seals... and so on. And as a story teller and editor of SDM, my goal is to get you all fired up about travelling and diving, and if a story is cool, then I want to share it with you as well. So expect some more surprises from the mag in 2009, because part of what makes our magazine great is the fact that we never took advice from the so called 'industry experts', and we made this magazine our way, with only one thing in mind... to tell good stories, with great images, and to get you off your ass and into the world going somewhere... anywhere!

Thank you Nathan for getting me all fired up about wanting to get back off the beaten path again.

December 15, 2008
Our trip report for the 2008 December expedition to Tiger Beach is up for those of you who would like to read about how it went. It is a sad moment for me to realize that our 2008 shark diving season has come to a close. But the beauty is that we are only a few weeks away from the begining of 2009, and more importantly a brand new year of shark diving is in store for us. So check out our December trip report, all I can say was that it was sharky as hell... and that this group of divers that we took with us were hard core divers... sorry for the short blog today, but its back to emails and mailing magazines.

December 4, 2008
I have been battling a cold this week. I do not get sick very often, and I normally blast right through colds and flus, but this was a shitty one, I even lost my voice for a couple of days. I came to work every day though, no days off for me. I had to, I am in the middle of packaging issue 19, so I am trying to get as many mags out before I depart back out to Tiger beach for the final trip of the season. Geez... the last shark trip of the season. Which means another year has come and gone. This has been an incredible year for me and SDM, and its crazy that 12 months have blown by. So much has happened, and we have done so many things. Lets see a quick recap of 2008 shark diving highlights;

-June...Diving with bulls, duskies, and great hammers in Florida with Nat Geo crew.

-July... Holbox Island, MX. Diving with nurse, and whale sharks (60 different sharks in 6 days)

-August... Diving with lemons, and reef sharks on an Animal Planet shoot

-August... Diving with leopards, makos, and blue sharks in Southern California

-October... Diving with reef sharks at Stuart Coves place on Nassau.

-November...Diving with tigers, great hammers, lemons, reefs, and nurse sharks

-December is coming up soon!

You know now that I have put it in writing, I did not spend as much time in the water as I would of liked too. Now I am depressed, I need to go diving more often. Don't get me wrong, I got to dive some cool places, with some cool species this year, but with all there is to do in the world, I could of, and should have done more. This just lite a fire under my ass. I am going to do more next year... So as of right now I have just commited to a personal goal which I will achieve; there are12 months in a year, and I am going to dive with sharks every month in 2009! Everyone needs to set a New Year Resolution for self improvement. As your editor it is my job to make sure that I am always improving and that I always have cool stories to tell. So 2009 is going to be an EPIC year with a shit load of stories to share with you all. My hope is that many of you will join me on this quest for 12... I truly hope you do!

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